International Yacht Sales and Purchase

sanyaBringing your boat or importing your yacht for sale in to Australia can be an exciting time as well as stressful.

If it’s you’re first time cruising into the country, you will be amazed at the beauty and boating lifestyle the east coast of Australia has to offer. However,  you can also be overwhelmed by the government process and simply finding your way around.

DBY Boat Sales has years of experience in helping clients navigate the water, city and processes for importing your yacht for sale in Australia.  With an extensive client base and over 30 years in the yacht brokerage business, we have all the resources you need to get your boat ready for potential buyers.

Importing 101

Yachts are subject to a general rate of duty of 5% based on the customs value (basically the price paid) and 10% GST calculated on the customs value plus international transport and insurance plus the duty.

Privately imported yachts are generally valued using the transaction method of valuation when purchased overseas new or second-hand for export to Australia.  Circumstances where Customs may use an alternative method of valuation include such situations as where:

In these instances the yacht will have to be valued by a marine surveyor in Australia.  This valuation will be based on the market value and as such will include elements such as customs duty and GST.  Customs will have to deduct these elements plus overseas transport from the local valuation.

Where the yacht is sailed to Australia, overseas freight will be determined having regard to essential sailing costs incurred under the most commercially viable conditions.  Such costs would include sailing expenditure necessarily incurred while the vessel is actually sailing (and entertain and leaving) those ports of call on the most commercially viable route.  It would not include any in port expenditure related to the vessel’s period of stopover.

Where supported by sufficient/reliable information, essential sailing costs would also include:

This is an indicative rather than exhaustive list.  If you have any doubts or queries, seek further information from a Customs Information and Support Centre at 1300 363 263.

International Valuation

DBY Boat Sales can expedite this process quickly as we now have in-house accredited customs valuers in Australia that are familiar with incoming yachts.

To import your boat into Australia you may need a local valuation from an accredited Australian Customs Valuer.


If you are selling your boat in Australia, a permit is required to import a refrigeration system.  To import ODS/SGG equipment without a license is an offense under the Act.

For more information visit the website:



All returning or visiting boats need to be familiar with Australian customs requirements.

Visit:  www.customs.gov.au

For further enquiries regarding customs, please contact us here at DBY Boat Sales.

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